Vision and mission

Connecting the world and making medical innovation possible
Hack Your Care empowers innovators to connect seamlessly with medical experts, eliminating administrative barriers and providing perfect matches between a project and the best medical experts. Together, we foster innovation and enable experienced experts and brilliant minds to come together effortlessly, giving birth to revolutionary ideas in healthcare. We are the bridge between the world of innovation and health. 

Technology at the service of healthcare players
Our digital platform accelerates connections, organizing exceptional expertise and fostering precise collaborations. Using algorithms, we identify compatible partners, enabling innovation. 

Hack Your Care paves the way for faster connections, cutting connection times in half and ushering in a new era of efficiency. Our clients have a satisfying experience, with over 90% expressing admiration for the quality of the advice they receive.

The strength of our community
Thanks to an intuitive app and our technology, we bring together the best experts in a collaborative hub. By breaking down barriers to project participation, we offer our customers a unique chance to collaborate with top scientific talent. Join us in shaping tomorrow's reality and transforming the medical landscape, in an environment where innovation knows no barriers and progress knows no limits.

Dr. Solène Vo Quang Costantini,
CEO and founder of Hack Your Care

Our partners



A platform designed by healthcare specialists to foster collaboration and accelerate innovation.


Hack Your Care not only enables connection but also manages relationships and collaboration with healthcare experts.


Connect with our community of 2,500 medical and paramedical experts worldwide in less than 72 hours


Benefit from a transparent proposal: pricing, contracts, payment management. Transparency is at the heart of Hack Your Care's values.